LOS ANGELES – The newly elected president of the National Structured Settlements Trade Association (NSSTA) recently discussed his outlook for the industry, the upcoming election and goals for future growth.

Len BlonderLen Blonder, a pioneer in the industry since 1978, has dedicated his life to helping catastrophically injured people live their lives with dignity as a consultant at Arcadia Settlements Group. Blonder began serving as president of NSSTA in early April and overall, sees a positive future for the industry.

According to Blonder, there are several things NSSTA has already been working on including hiring a new communications director and improving its web presence. Additionally, NSSTA is continuing to work on future growth initiatives and planning for the aftermath of the national election in November.

The plans include working with Congress to put in place further protections for structured settlement recipients, and working with life insurance companies to expand the use and features of structured settlements.

“One of the great things about structured settlements is that it’s a bipartisan issue,” said Blonder. “It’s not a Democratic issue, it’s not a Republican issue, it’s an injured party issue. And our goal is to make sure benefits and money are available for injured people when they need it and for the needs they’ll have in the future.”

While the NSSTA president doesn’t expect to see any major changes following the election, he did discuss a continued need for education.

“One of the challenges we face is that the vast majority of people don’t know what structured settlements are until they’re injured and have to confront it,” Blonder said. “So, when new members of Congress come in, it’s up to us to explain what it is we do for people who are hurt.”

As a result, NSSTA has expanded its outreach to not only include members of Congress and their staffers, but also to judges and organizations involved in legal resolution and meeting the needs of injured people.

Blonder has served NSSTA for more than 18 years on the board of directors, and this is Blonder’s third non-consecutive term as president of NSSTA, an unprecedented achievement. NSSTA provides members with professional certification, continuing education and updates on laws, regulations and proposed legislation affecting the industry or injured people.

For media-related interview requests and questions related to this news release, please contact NSSTA’s public relations team at news@judgepr.com or 813.279.8335.