Costello Leadership Portrait_400In looking back at the 30 years that I have had the good fortune to work in this industry, many things have changed but our core values and our fundamental mission remains intact, unchanged.   When we are able to pro-actively use the resources of our people and our companies to provide positive and long lasting financial benefits for injured people, we have truly made a contribution to others and in the process have elevated our industry and ourselves from a business to a profession.

Having come from the investment industry prior to my structured settlement career, I have a genuine appreciation for the importance that structured settlements play as the nucleus of an injured person’s financial life.   While those of us who have the good fortune to have a high level of physical good health can periodically take some measured risk with our discretionary dollars, the person who is injured, whose career and earnings have been affected dramatically by an accident, puts security and certainty of income at the pinnacle of their financial desires and expectations.   Structured settlements provide injured people and people with disabilities with that security and certainty and often with a guaranteed lifetime of income that is unavailable from any other financial products.

While we usually think of the beneficiary of our work as being the injured party whose structured settlement we help to establish and fund, we should keep in mind that virtually every injured person has family members, children, spouses and generations of family to come who will also be affected and impacted by the work we do today and the contributions we make to each injured person’s financial future.

This is most certainly a unique industry and we are blessed that at the end of our day we can look at the results of the work and conclude that we are truly making a difference in the lives of many people.

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