Why structured settlements are the right choice for medical malpractice claims:

  • Individualized financial options: Payment flexibility allows parties the freedom to tailor payments to meet current and future needs. A structured settlement can make payments for a stated period of time, or can last an entire lifetime. Payments can be made monthly, annually, or at whatever intervals best address a person’s needs. Payment amounts can be fixed or can increase over time.
  • Stability and security: Structured settlements offer unmatched protection against future loss or dissipation of funds. People don’t have to be concerned with making a single payment last a lifetime.
  • Tax benefits: Payments received in the settlement of physical injury cases are completely tax-exempt at the federal and state level, except for punitive damages. In contrast, investment earnings from all-cash settlements are generally taxable.
  • Capital protection: Unlike traditional investments, which can lose money with the fluctuation of financial markets, structured settlements provide protection from economic uncertainty in an unpredictable economy. They are funded with annuities from major life insurance companies or U.S. Treasury obligations.
  • Low risk: Going to trial involves significant risks to all parties involved, and the time and expense of litigation can be a significant burden. Structured settlements allow the parties to author their own futures without the unpredictability of a trial.
  • Professional money management: Each highly-rated financial institution has a team of professionals to manage the assets in a structured settlement.
  • No fees: There are no ongoing fees for administration, management or transactions, and no fees for the consultation of Arcadia structured settlement experts.