Dear Valued Business Partners,

We hope this message finds you and your loved ones well. In the midst of uncertain and fast-evolving circumstances worldwide, I am writing to share with you that Arcadia has implemented its pandemic response plan. The plan ensures that our employees have the support, technology and resources necessary to continue safely providing the highest quality of service that our valued partners have come to expect.

As part of our preparedness efforts, our nationwide staff can work 100% remotely if necessary, and our unique employee structure enables us to collaborate seamlessly across the country. We have the technology to conduct virtual meetings, and with over 200 settlement professionals nationwide, our consultants are positioned to provide ongoing service to all of our clients.

Structured Settlements are designed to provide long-term security and certainty, regardless of market conditions. Arcadia’s mission to provide security to people who need it most remains unchanged. The two keys to most people’s long-term financial security are creating a failsafe income stream and preventing overspending and dissipation. This is even more true for people who have suffered serious injuries and their families. Thanks to the foresight of you, our partners, thousands of people whose settlements were structured woke up this morning knowing that in the face of fear and financial upheaval, their payments will continue undisturbed.

All of us can feel financially vulnerable in times of significant market fluctuation, but people with significant ongoing medical needs or a limited ability to work are even more vulnerable. Structured settlements are designed to provide peace of mind in good times and bad. This approach, and the settlement expertise of our experienced professionals, has enabled Arcadia to positively impact hundreds of thousands of lives across nearly 50 years of varied market conditions. This strength makes structured settlements the most secure means of ensuring consistent future income to injured people and provides a powerful tool to people resolving claims.

Arcadia will continue to monitor developments with regard to COVID-19 and its effects, and we will update you with any changes to our response. We’re confident in our ability to continue providing best-in-class service to our valued clients. Today, and every day, we’re here to serve you.


Brad Cantwell, CEO
on behalf of Arcadia Settlements Group