EPS continually strives to support our clients by expanding our free service offerings.  Thanks to the use of annuities to settle a wider variety of cases, plus the popular application in physical injury settlements, we offer structures for home sales, business sales, attorneys’ fees, employment and discrimination matters, as well as commercial or personal contract settlements.

We work closely with you to thoroughly understand the diverse needs of the people involved and to offer customized and creative options for future payment.

Free Services provided by EPS to our clients:

• Review cases for potential structure qualities

• Annuities from top rated life companies

• LifeLine™ – an exclusive service that enables clients to compare annuity provider quality

• Fast and accurate annuity proposals using trademarked software, Integrated Quoting™

• Needs evaluation using trusts and other claims resolution tools

• Nationwide settlement conference and negotiation services

• Prompt and professional coordination and completion of documents

• Timely and detailed status reports during settlement process

• Post settlement customer service; records maintenance and retention

• Economic analysis services

• Complimentary training seminars and educational services customized for any audience, even for C.L.E. credits