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Angel Viera, CSSC, CMSS, Bilingual Structured Settlement Specialist

California License # OD20706

Angel N. Viera, CSSC, CMSS is a bilingual Structured Settlement Specialist located in the Greater Los Angeles area. He is a Certified Structured Settlement Consultant as well as a Certified Medicare Settlement Specialist. 

In addition to covering settlements in California and nationwide, he also covers settlements in Puerto Rico. A 25+ year veteran of the structured settlement industry, Angel was a key figure in helping to develop Structured Settlement programs while working for Transamerica Life and Pacific Life.

Angel has made numerous presentations on Structured Settlements with an emphasis on Workers’ Compensation claims. He assists all parties in settlement negotiations navigate issues such as Medicare Set-Asides (MSAs), professional administration of MSA funds, Medicare and Medicaid liens as well as Special Needs Trusts (SNTs) to safeguard Medicaid benefits when settling a claim.

Angel is an active member of the National Structured Settlements Trade Association (NSSTA).

Structured Installment Sales (SIS)

The Structured Installment Sale is designed for qualifying properties or business sales that are eligible for the installment sale method under Internal Revenue Code Section 453.

The Structured Installment Sale annuity can defer payments and applicable taxes (capital gains, investment income and state income taxes) to the year in which the installment payment is received. Each payment represents a return of basis, capital gain and interest. Installment payments are fixed, guaranteed and have no management fees. The annuity payments are issued by a financially sound and trusted life insurance company.


Puerto Rico License # 50498

For years Angel has assisted a variety of clients in the negotiation and settlement of a variety of claims in Puerto Rico. Angel coordinates his efforts in Puerto Rico with Pepe Alvarez, Partner in the Referral Network of Arcadia Settlements Group:

José Rubén Álvarez Asoc., Inc
José Rubén Álvarez-Pérez
o: 787.831.0000
c: 787.645.1940
Condominio Interamericano
1 Calle Comolli – 102
San German, PR 00683

Together Angel and Pepe have obtained a favorable private letter ruling from Hacienda that allows for the structuring of the following:

  • Tax-free structures related to physical injury and wrongful death claims,
  • Tax-deferred structures related to non-physical injury claims,
  • Tax-deferred structures related to plaintiff attorney fees.

Also, personal injury or death claim funds currently held by the PR courts may be structured.