8150 Corporate Park Drive, Suite 110 Cincinnati, Ohio 45242
8150 Corporate Park Drive Cincinnati Ohio 45242 US

Mike Ohler, Structured Settlement Consultant

Areas of Expertise:

During the last twenty years, Michael Ohler has provided structured settlement consultation to clients across the country in matters ranging from relatively minor injuries to some of the most complex and highly publicized cases. He has assisted clients in a wide range of litigated and high profile cases including medical malpractice, commercial and product liability, employment claims, contract disputes, workers’ compensation claims and other types of personal injury claims.

Delivering Value to the Client:

The focus is not on the sale of a product but recognizing opportunities for the client to use structured settlements to address the future needs of the injured party, help facilitate resolution, and reach the client’s claim resolution objectives. To effectively do so, Michael and his team bring a key understanding of how structured settlement solutions may strategically aid the plaintiff’s eligibility for government and private programs and help bridge gaps in valuations between the parties.

In addition, from the beginning of the case to closure, the goal is to be highly responsive to the client so that the use of structured settlements is as seamless as possible in the claim process

Personal Interests:

In his free time, Michael coaches lacrosse and plays tennis.  He also enjoys taxing his patience with golf, and testing his HSA deductibles with off-road motorcycle riding.

Education and Licenses:

Michael received his Bachelor’s of Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati with a concentration in Finance.

Professional Memberships:

He is a member of the National Structured Settlements Trade Association (NSSTA)

Member of the Arcadia Advisory Council