A bright and strong future. This is the essence of what a structured settlement delivers. It is also the essence of Arcadia Settlements Group and the structured settlement industry at large.

More than forty years ago our company started with a great idea – the idea that the best way to provide security, relieve suffering and restore human dignity to people made vulnerable by injury or the death of a loved one is to provide payments as they are needed, for as long as a lifetime. The idea took root and over the years it has allowed tens of thousands of plaintiffs, defendants, their insurers and attorneys to settle cases in a way that best addresses long-term needs and reduces the risks of litigation.

I am proud to be part of an organization that continues to innovate and brings creative solutions to the people who work hard every day to resolve difficult legal problems. Our team at Arcadia Settlements Group is extremely experienced but possessed of a youthful vibrancy that is always focused on the future.

In 2016 we introduced EPS Settlements Group of Canada, an exciting expansion that is already adding value to international clients. Beyond the growth of our company, we continue to develop new products and services for the settlement industry, never forgetting that the knowledge, experience and personal qualities of our employees comprise the greatest value that we bring to the settlement process, today and long into the future.