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Selling Your Structured Settlement – What You Need to Know and the Truth Behind the “It’s My Money and I Need It Now” Ads

By John J. McCulloch, JD/MBA, FLMI, CSSCPeople sometimes get into tough financial situations and will need to access funds they would be better off leaving alone.  From the relatively straightforward process of borrowing from your own 401(k) to the more nebulous payday loan shops, there is a steep financial price to pay when accessing funds

2017-04-14T05:41:17-06:00March 26th, 2015|

A New Wardrobe Or A Secure Future?

Who among us middle-class humans hasn’t dreamt about what we would do if we came upon a huge sum of money?  I know my response, probably like yours, involves getting rid of my debt, taking a long vacation, easing the financial future for my children and sure, a new wardrobe

2020-01-28T04:57:31-07:00June 27th, 2014|

Structured Settlement Survey Report

"After being educated on the difference between a lump-sum and a structured settlement, 73 percent of Americans would choose a structured settlement payout when they received their settlement in a personal injury case" (American General Life Structured Settlement Survey). See the report here

2017-04-14T05:41:18-06:00September 28th, 2013|

Auto Liability Case Story

An overlooked back pain causing devastation turned into a lifetime provision thanks to an auto liability structured settlement presented by Kim Smith.

2020-06-25T10:18:49-06:00September 26th, 2013|

Medical Malpractice Case Story

We hear the term structured settlement on a regular basis and for those of us in the industry it’s an option, a resolution, but often times the faces and the stories remain unknown. The work you do is not in vain, because behind every structured settlement there is a story. Welcome to Consultants’ Corner, where structured settlements come to life with real cases and true stories. Dan Rogers saves the day and brings light to a dark situation with a structured settlement geared to protect Medicare and the Plaintiff in a medical malpractice case.

2017-05-24T17:47:26-06:00September 26th, 2013|